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Whether you’re traveling solo or planning a family vacation, here are top 10 travel bucket list experiences and destinations in Croatia, from the big names to lesser known slips for a vacation without crowds


August 24,2020


Spend a day island-hopping along the dalmatian islands to discover dozens of hidden beaches and deserted lagoons. Dalmatian Islands are an enchanting mix of relaxed charm and rich history. The best way to see the islands is by yacht charter, so you can explore at your own peace and stop at the little ports and marinas. Split is the main gateway to some of the most popular islands in Dalmatia, and since the city also has a well-connected airport, it is often used as a starting point for an island-hopping trip.  

 At the top of the list is the island of Brač, with its famous white pebble beach of Zlatni Rat. South of Brač is one of Croatia’s most popular islands, Hvar. The island of Hvar is not only famous for its pine forests, crystal clear waters and mild climate: it is a multi-generational destination celebrated for its rich history, UNESCO heritage, party scene and culinary skills.  From Hvar, you can zip across to the Pakleni Islands. The Pakleni Islands (Paklinski Islands) are a stunning chain of wooded islets that sit just off Hvar town.  We recommend private full day round trip over the island of Hvar where you will see the top locations of the city  and enjoy in swimming on the nearby Pakleni islands.

Hvar, Pakleni Islands and Brač Yacht Cruise

2. Visit Dubrovnik City Walls and Game of Thrones filming locations

With its historical old town, beautiful pebble beaches, small islands nearby and Konavle Valley wine growing area, Dubrovnik is one of the most famous and visited cities in Croatia.  The city walls of Dubrovnik were built around the old town of Dubrovnik by the sea to protect the city from pirates and other unwelcome guests. A walk along these Unesco-protected walls is a unique and wonderful experience and a must-do when visiting Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik’s walls are also featured in many Game of Thrones scenes, from Cersei’s power struggles to Tyrion’s brooding moments at the Straits.  If you want to explore more, we recommend the Game of Thrones Walking Tour. This tour takes you to many of the filming locations of the HBO series Game of Thrones. The guides on these tours were all on-set extras and can share a few behind-the-scenes stories.



Legend about Kornati says:  “When God created the world, according to legend, he had lots of white rocks. He threw them, randomly over his shoulder into the sea with the intention to do later the “schedule”. But when he turned around, he liked what he saw and left everything in its place. And till today on area of 216,78 km2 are around 89 islands, islets and cliffs. 

 One of most beautiful bays in National Park area is Levrnaka. Levrnaka is the highest island in the archipelago at 117m and offers the best view of the entire area. On the other side of the bay, just a few minutes of walk away, there’s a is the only true natural sandy beach on Kornati islands, beach called “Lojena”. Definitely, must see destination. Take a swim in the crystal clear sea, enjoy your sail through these islands. We have no doubt that its beauty will leave you speechless.


4. EXPLORE waterfalls in Krka National Park

Krka is a monument of nature of the highest category. The phenomenon of tufa barriers creating the beauty of cascades and sights and sound of water in the karst continues to attract people from all around the world. When you find yourself in the area of the Dalmatian karst, which gulps water in constant thirst due to its subterranean limestone structure, and you come across a spot where up to 500 thousand liters of water literally rumbles through in a second – it is, indeed, a sight resembling a miracle. 

The Krka National Park can be visited year-round. The top attraction is the famous Skradinski Buk falls which are one of Croatia’s most famous sights. Other highlights include the small island of Visovac and Roski Slap waterfall. A boat trip through the park is a great way of seeing much of the Park. If you’re looking for an organized excursion from Šibenik, Split, Omis, or Makarska, visit our offer for small group or private tours from these coastal towns direct to Krka National Park.

Krka Watrefalls Day Tour -

5.  Experience Istria

It doesn’t matter if you decide to visit Pula, Rovinj, Motovun or any other hill town in Istria, each one of these towns will enchant you with its charm and beauty. You can enjoy the spectacular view of the typical Istrian landscape from the hill and peak of each town. You will have the opportunity to try local products and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of picturesque destinations in the Istrian inland.  Highlight of Istrian cuisine is the truffle, or tartufi as they call it in Croatia. The rare and expensive tuber that grows in the fertile Istrian soil is the ultimate gastronomic delight. The Istrian white truffle is one of the most highly prized in the world today.  Our recommendation is Truffle hunting tour, its for everyone who wants to discover new and unique experience by exploring the real Istria with the locals and  definitely the adventure you shouldn’t miss on your visit to Croatia.

Islands and Coastal , Yacht Charter Croatia

6. Getting lost in the Streets of Old town Sibenik

Sibenik’s old town is a perfect place to pass a few hours simply by wandering around the narrow cobblestone streets. Those narrow winding streets, stone houses and stone stairways will make you feel as though you have stepped back in time. Then, this sweet little town has an amazing old town core; 24 Churches, 6 Monastaries, attractive “Four wells” , 2851 stone stairs, the largest number of baroque organ and the medieval monastery garden of St. Lawrence – the only such kind in Croatia. 

This medieval romantic city boasts two monuments under the protection of UNESCO: the Cathedral of St. James and the St. Nicholas’ fortress. The Cathedral of St. James is one of the most significant and most beautiful architectural achievements in Croatia. It was built in a stretch of more than a hundred years, during the 15th and 16th century, and is unique for it is entirely built of stone. Right next to Cathedral is restaurant Pellegrini, voted for the best restaurant in Croatia several years in a row. It’s beautifully located overlooking the front of the cathedral, and what a fantastic sight in the golden colors of the sunset.  If you’re a foodie, this is definitely a must-do.  

Sibenik Walking Tour

7. Try Dalmatian Cuisine

Dalmatian cuisine is typically Mediterranean using a lot of olive oil, vegetables, fish and herbs. In a few words, this cuisine’s highlights are its simplicity and naturalness. Black risotto, Croatian ‘lamb under the bell’, baked in a furnace, grilled fish, brudet (spicy fish stew), Croatian prosciutto ( Pršut), an eye-wateringly strong, grappa-like drink ( Rakija) is local food  that every guest must try when visiting Dalmatia. 

food and wine, vongole, shells

8.  Visit Diocletian's Palace in Split 

Diocletian’s Palace is one of the best preserved monuments of the Roman architecture in the world. Don’t expect palace or maybe museum  this is the city’s living heart, and more than 3000 people still live among these historic old walls. Emperor Diocletian built this stone beauty at the turn of the 4th century.  The emperor was scared of being killed in his sleep, so he built cellars to have such perfect acoustic that he could easily hear anyone sneaking through. Recently Diocletian’s cellars  were even used as a filming location for the popular HBO show Game of Thrones.  

Art and History, Split Walking Tour Let's Travel

9. Spend A Day on Wine Tasting

Daily wine tours are a fun and social way to experience the best wineries in Croatia with a small group of like-minded, wine lovers!  There are lot of possibilites for wine tasting in Croatia. Every region in Croatia produces its own wine. The Istria and Kvarner regions are known for Žlahtina of Vrbnik on Krk Island, Cabernet from Poreč and Terrano from Buzet. Dalmatia has the oldest wine-producing tradition. Look for Pošip and Grk on Korčula, Dingač and Pošip from the Pelješac Peninsula, Plavac from Brač island and Malmsy from Dubrovnik. Eastern Slavonia produces excellent white wines such as Kutjevačka Graševina, Kutjevo Chardonnay, Rhine Riesling and Krauthaker Graševina. 

Krka Waterfalls Food Tour


Image yourself sipping wine while enjoying the view to the open sea on a terrace of an amazing villa on an island that seems almost undiscoverd. This sound like a pretty  good utopia but all of this can be possible because there are hundereds villas to choose along the Adriatic coast if you whant to have peace and privacy.

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  1. Croatia looks like such a beautiful country! I’d love to go island hopping, those islands look stunning! The waterfalls at Krka look incredible too! I hope I get an opportunity to visit someday soon and try out all of these bucket list experiences! Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Croatia looks so amazing! I am actually looking to go for my birthday this year (if borders are open). I’m excited to eventually get there! Definitely keeping this article handy. 🙂

  3. I had always wanted to go to Croatia because of its history, culture and of course incredible beaches, and this need intensified when I saw that Game of Thrones was filmed there. I’d love to explore the side of Croatia that is free from crowds and be able to experience its authentic culture.

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