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Let’s travel , travel agency
Ive Družića 82
22 000 Šibenik, Croatia
Business Manager: Božena Bulat, owner.
Telephone: + 385 99 213 5062
OIB: 06825674468
Insurance policy:
Insurance package: Insurance of the travel agency ( liability insurance) and a guarante insurance;
Insurance policy number; 99/07053113 Triglav Osiguranje d.d.
Name and address of bank:
Raiffeisen bank d.d. Magazinska cesta 69 10000 Zagreb CROATIA
IBAN: HR6524840081135143425
Details of the competent body whose official supervision is subject to the activity of the travel agency:
Ministry of Tourism – Independent Sector of Tourism Inspection Trg Republike Hrvatske 8 / I, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia


Travel organizer Let’s travel, a service craft (hereinafter referred to as “the Agency”), guarantees the implementation of the program according to the plan and schedule of the arrangements it organizes and which you have received. The organizer’s content will be fully realized except in the case of exceptional circumstances (war, riots, strikes, terrorist actions, sanitary disorders, natural disasters, intervention by the competent authorities).
By signing the contract, the client/traveler fully accepts the program and the terms of the trip.


When signing up, the client/traveler will pay 30% of the cost of the arrangement unless otherwise agreed in the contract.

Packages that include overnight sailing require a deposit of 50% upon booking.

The difference to the full price of the arrangement is paid no later than 30 days before the start of the journey unless otherwise specified in the contract. If the client/traveler does not provide the correct information, he / she is responsible for any costs or consequences resulting from the wrong data. Payment should be made through bank transfer unless otherwise agreed upon between the client and the agency.


The Agency is obliged to take care of the execution of the service as well as the choice of the service provider with the attention of a good businessman and to care about the rights and interests of the clients/passengers in accordance with good practices in tourism. The Agency will perform all of the above-mentioned obligations from its programs fully and in the manner described, except in the case of “more” forces (war, riots, strikes, terrorist actions, elemental disasters). The Agency is not obliged to provide services beyond these Terms. The Agency fails to respond to possible errors in the press.


The client/traveler is required to pay the costs of the arrangement in accordance with these terms. The traveler is obliged to have valid travel documents, to comply with the customs and visa regulations of the country in which the destination is located, and the country through which transit passes. In case of the inability to continue the journey, due to the violation of the regulations by the passenger, all incurred costs are borne by the offender himself. The client/traveler is liable for the damage caused to him, and in particular for the damage resulting from the non-compliance with the Contract and these General Conditions. The damage caused by the client/traveler will occur immediately at the reception of the hotel and in another place designated by the natural or legal person to whom the damage was caused. The client/traveler provides personal information voluntarily. The client/passenger’s personal data are needed in the process of realizing the required service. It will also be used for further mutual communication. The client/passenger’s personal data will be kept in the database, and after the journey all personal data will be deleted. Costs of eventual loss or theft of personal documents during travel are borne by the client/traveler. Representative or companion will help, but with the program running smoothly.


The price of the package (if not specified on the travel program) includes: transportation services, hotel and catering services and travel organization. If stated in the travel program, the price may also include the costs of professional and local management. The package price does not include (unless otherwise agreed): optional excursions and visits, possible costs of obtaining and issuing visas, tickets for facilities to be visited if not included in the package arrangement.

All types of special services (single rooms, special meals etc.) are paid by the client/traveler and must be emphasized when booking the trip. The prices of the arrangements are published in Euros and are calculated according to the prices of services in the reference currency at the middle exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank on a specific day. The Agency may, at least 20 days before the start of the journey, request an increase in the contract price if, following the conclusion of the contract, a change in the exchange rates or a change in carrier or hotel tariffs has taken place, including increase in fuel costs or increase in fees, solely in writing. The client/traveler agrees to accept the contract price increase by up to 8%. If there is an increase in the agreed price in the amount of more than 8%, the passenger has the right to withdraw from the arrangement, which is obliged to inform the Agency in writing within 2 days of receipt of the notification. In case of cancellation of the arrangement the client/passenger is not entitled to compensation for the damage. If the client/traveler does not deliver the waiver to the Agency in writing and within that period, it is considered that he agrees with the change in the price.


The offered accommodation capacities within the program are described according to the official category of the country in question at the moment of issuance of the program. Nutrition, comfort and other services offered by the hotel / pension are under the supervision of local tourist authorities, and the standards of accommodation and services are different and not comparable. The Agency assumes no liability for oral or written information that is inconsistent with the description of the services and facilities in the published programs obtained by a third party. If a client/traveler uses a triple or four-bed room at a hotel, the hotelier usually provides a double room with an extra bed. The quality of additional bedding depends entirely on the hotel. The Agency shall in no way be held liable for any issue of the auxiliary bedding quality, and the eventual dissatisfaction of the passengers resulting from such reasons may not be the subject of an objection.


The arrangement of the room / apartment determines the reception in the residence. If a client/traveler does not explicitly contract a special room / apartment, he / she will accept any officially registered accommodation unit to be issued in the particular facility described in the program. If possible, the organizer will try to satisfy the traveler’s request (comfort, room orientation, floor etc.) but can not guarantee the fulfillment of such request. Accommodation in the room is most often not possible before 2:00pm on the day of the beginning of the use of the service, and they usually have to leave until 10 am on the day of service completion. Pets are allowed in individual cases with a mandatory supplement.


Any trip may be cancelled within 24hrs of booking, with no cost to the client.
If someone wants to cancel the trip, they must do so in a written way. The date of the written cancellation is the basis for calculating the cancellation costs. The amount of the cost is determined by the date of the client’s/passenger’s cancellation. If the traveler who declines the trip finds a new user for the same reservation and meets all the conditions provided, the Agency will only charge the costs caused by the replacement. In the event of a client/traveler canceling or shortening the trip due to weather conditions, the Agency will apply the below mentioned scale, and will not accept subsequent reclamation. When the costs actually incurred exceed those in the above scale, the travel organizer reserves the right to charge the actual costs incurred. Because of all this, the Agency proposes the payment of travel insurance. If a client/traveler cancels a paid arrangement, the Agency shall withhold the total price of the arrangement as shown below:

  • for cancellation up to 30 days before the tour start date, the Agency will keep 30% of the total package price
  • for cancellation from 29 to 15 days before the tour start date, the Agency will keep 50% of the total package price
  • for cancellation from 14 to 0 days before the tour start date, the Agency will keep 100% of the total package price.
  • for cancellation once a tour has begun, the Agency will keep 100% of the total package price.


For sailing tours:
For cancellations up to two months before departure, a 70% refund will be issued
For cancellations up to one month before departure, a 50% refund will be issued
For cancellations within a month of departure there will be no refund.
For cancellations after the trip begins, there will be no refund.

Passengers can terminate the contract without paying any compensation for termination of the contract and receive full refunds of all payments if substantial changes to any of the essential elements of the package deal are made except if the cost increases due to exchange rate. If before the Package Transaction begins the retailer responsible for the package arrangement deletes the package arrangement, the passengers are entitled to a refund and, as appropriate, compensation.

Passengers can terminate the contract without paying any contract termination fees prior to the start of the package deal in case of extraordinary circumstances, for example, if there are serious security issues at the destination that could affect the package deal.

In addition, passengers at any time prior to the start of the package arrangement may terminate the contract with the payment of an appropriate cancellation fee described above.

If, after the start of the package arrangement, significant package arrangements can not be arranged as agreed, alternative arrangements will be required at no extra cost. If the services are not provided in accordance with the contract and this has a significant effect on the execution of the package arrangement and the Agency does not correct the non-compliance, clients/passengers may terminate the travel agreement in the package arrangement without payment of the cancellation fee.
Passengers are entitled to a reduction in the cost and / or compensation of damages if travel services are not carried out or if they are done in an improper manner.

If a traveler is in trouble, the Agency must provide him with help.

If the Agency becomes insolvent, a refund is secured. If the organizer or, as the case may be, the seller becomes insolvent after the start of the package arrangement and if the carriage is included in the package arrangement, the repatriation of the client/passenger is ensured. Royal Croatian Tours, a service company has contracted protection in case of insolvency with Euroherc Osiguranje d.d. Clients/passengers can come into contact with this subject.


In accordance with the Tourism Services Act, the employees of the Agency are obliged to offer a “travel insurance package” consisting of: voluntary health insurance during their stay abroad, accident insurance, luggage insurance and travel cancellation insurance. By signing the contract, the client/passenger confirms that he has been offered a travel insurance package at an additional cost. In the case of a client/traveler requesting the said insurance, they can be contracted directly to one of the insurers, with the Agency acting as a mediator only. By signing a travel contract it is considered that clients/travelers are offered and recommended the insurance previously mentioned.


In case of insufficient number of clients/passengers, the Agency has the right to cancel the trip no later than 5 days before the start of the trip. The minimum required number of clients/passengers required for each trip is specified in each program separately. If so, the Agency is entitled to a complete or partial change of program. The Agency reserves the right to change the day or hour of departure in the event of a change of flight order or occurrence of unforeseeable circumstances or changes in the direction of travel, in case of change of the conditions of travel (security situation in the country, weather or elemental disadvantages and the like) without compensation for damages according to applicable regulations in international traffic. Should the Agency cancel the trip, the client/traveler is entitled to the entire amount paid.


In accordance with the Law on Provision of Tourism Services, the Agency has an insurance contract with the insurer for liability for damage caused to the client/traveler by failing to fulfill their obligations, partial fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the obligations pertaining to the package arrangement.


The client/traveler provides personal information voluntarily. Client/passenger’s personal data are required in the process of realizing the agreed arrangements and will be used for further communication. The Agency agrees that personal data of clients/passengers will not be taken out of the country except for the purpose of realizing the agreed arrangements. An exception to the provision of personal data to third parties relates to the provision of travel insurance policies, ie if the client/passenger concludes the insurance policy, then his personal data will be forwarded to the insurance company. Client/passenger personal information will be kept in the database. The Client/traveler agrees that his personal data may be used for the purpose of realizing the Agency’s contractual arrangements.


The client/traveler has the right to complain about the failure to fulfill the contracted service. The client/traveler is obliged to lodge a written objection to the Agency within 8 days of the end of the journey. Complaints invested after the expiration of the 8-day deadline will not be taken into consideration. We emphasize that it is in the interest of the client/passenger to act in good faith and express his / her will to resolve the complaint during the journey and send his written complaint to the on-site service provider (escort) and from the service provider requesting written confirmation that the complaint has been received. Each client/passenger – the contract holder – submits the complaint separately. The Agency will not take into consideration group complaints. The Agency is obliged to make a written decision on the complaint within 15 days upon receipt of the complaint in the manner in which the objection was received (by e-mail, mail or personal delivery to which it will be sent in written form). The Agency will only address those objections for which the client/passenger submits proof that he has sent a written complaint to the on-site service provider and that the cause can not be remedied on the spot. If, due to the guilt of the Agency, there is a failure to complete the program or part of the service, the client/passenger is entitled to a fee in the amount of the actual value of the unused service and can not include the services already used as well as the total amount of the arrangement. In the case of a contract for the organization of a travel as a “last minute” or a contract whereby the name of the accommodation object is learned by the client/passenger only upon arrival in the destination, the client/traveler accepts all the risks of such a journey. Such trips include uncertain facts that the Agency can not influence, and the client/passenger has primarily accepted such a trip for a more favorable price, and therefore the client/traveler has no right to complain to the Agency.


These terms and conditions for travel exclude all current travel conditions and guidelines. The general terms and conditions of travel are an integral part of the contract that the client/traveler enters into with the Agency or an authorized travel agency in which he has applied for a trip organized by Let’s travel.


Let’s travel,travel agency respects and protects the privacy of its users and visitors. Let’s travel, travel agency only asks for personal information from those who book travel arrangements, in order to place and confirm reservations. Personal data will never be shared with parties uninvolved in your travel arrangements. Please find more information in our Privacy Policy.

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