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Šibenik is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination with its historical heritage, immense beauty, and beautiful nature. As the city features on most travelers’ bucket-lists, allow us to guide you through some of the best things to do in Šibenik


October 24,2019


Since it is located on medieval central town square (the Square of the Republic of Croatia), you simply can not miss the Town Hall –  beautifully proportioned colonnaded loggia. Built-in the  Renaissance style and characterized by a remarkable harmony, no wonder it is known as one of the most beautiful town halls in Croatia. 

Here you can enjoy your morning coffee with a beautiful view of the crown jewel of Šibenik, the Cathedral of St.James. If the scenery looks familiar, and you are a fan of Game of Thrones, you’ll be pleased to know that the Cathedral of St.James appeared as a film location in three episodes of Season 5. 


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After your first morning coffee, join a Šibenik Walking Tour. We always encourage travelers to do walking tours when they get to a new city to understand the city’s history, get local tips, and get their bearings. 

Šibenik Walking Tour is the best option if you want to be sure to catch the best of Šibenik in a little time: not only art and history but also lifestyle tips given by real locals.⁠ ⁠You will experience a more authentic visit to the city and breathe the real soul of Sibenik, learning how local people live.

The tour will take you on a cheerful walk around the Old Town and at the end, you will visit the famous Cathedral of St. James, UNESCO World Heritage Site. What makes it special is that it’s only built with stone. No wood, nails, or other bonding compounds were used. A method of dry assembly of custom carved stone slabs was used to create this amazing piece of architecture.


Cathedral of St. James


The beautiful archipelago of Šibenik consists of 242 islands, islets, cliffs and ridges with only 10 island settlements. The most famous among them are Zlarin – the coral island, Krapanj – the island of sponges and Prvić, the island where Šibenik nobles have always resided.

If you want to experience the best of Šibenik’s islands, we recommend an island hopping trip from Sibenik. Whether you have just a few hours or a few days, it is worth taking the time to explore these beautiful islands and discover the unique character of each island.

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St. Nicholas fortress is located a few kilometers outside of Šibenik at the mouth of the channel that accesses the city from the sea. It’s was built on a small island Ljuljevac, where the used to be the Benedictine monastery of St. Nicholas, after which the fortress was named.

The Venetians built St. Nicholas fortress in the 16th century in order to protect the town from the Turkish attacks from the sea. The lower part of the fortress was built of stone, while the upper part was built of brick. That material was considered to be most resistant to cannonballs. Because of its triangular shape and 32 resident cannons, it looks like a truly formidable form of defense. In fact, it looked so menacing and so impenetrable that no one even tried to test it. Its appearance and reputation alone were enough to deter any potential attacker from tempting its fate. 

Just like Cathedral of St.James, St. Nicholas fortress is featured prominently in the popular TV show “Game of Thrones” in season 5.  The only way to make it to the fortress is via the organized boat tour from Sibenik. 

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St. Michael’s Fortress, the oldest fortress in Šibenik is located on a hill above the old town, 70 meters above sea level. It is the most accessible of all the fortresses (10 min walk up from the St. James Cathedral) and most popular to its visitors.  

A walk across the walls of St. Michael’s Fortress is an opportunity to enjoy the vistas of Šibenik and its surroundings but don’t miss to take a peek in the interior of the complex. Underground premises of the fortress are also available for visitors, and there you can see two water tanks built in the 15th century as well as a gallery with exhibitions and cafe-bar. 

After extensive reconstruction, St. Michael’s Fortress becomes a great summer scene for various events related to culture, art, and music. If you can time your visit with a concert on top of St.Michaels’s Fortress, it is a unique experience.

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  1. Sibenik looks beautiful! Croatia is way up there on my bucket list…I’d love to visit one day! And Sibenik might just have worked its way onto my list of places to see while I’m there! The fortress of St. Nicholas looks amazing! What a fascinating attraction! Thanks for the great guide!

  2. Croatia has SOOO much history and beauty, it seems like the perfect place to just go and exhale. The buildings look stunning and just from the photos and your article, we would love to sit in the town square with some coffee and just people watch. Will pin this for our future travel planning 🙂

  3. Sibenik looks amazing. I’m always down to explore a new city in Croatia….I’m planning on going back to Croatia in July and finding where I’d like to visit. I’m.adding Sibenik onto the list.

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